Wills vs. Trusts — The Basics

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Living Trusts give the most flexibility in planning and we almost always recommend them to our clients. Below is an explanation of the basic differences between a will and a living trust.

Living Trust


  • Allows you to avoid the expense and delay of probate proceedings (in most states), which can take up to a year or more to complete and eat up 5% of the value of your estate.
  • May eliminate the need to probate property if you own property in another state.
  • Allows immediate transfer of management of your property if you become incapacitated either physically or mentally—no need to go to the court to appoint a guardian or conservator.
  • Protects your privacy—remains confidential and does not become a matter of public record.
  • Enables you to name someone you trust to manage trust property for young beneficiaries.
  • Enables spouses to more easily use both spouses’ estate tax exemption.


  • Requires quite a bit of initial paperwork and can be relatively expensive to set up.
  • Requires you to transfer ownership of all the property you wish to place in the trust. This may include revising title documents.
  • Property owned in joint tenancy with the right of survivorship, may adversely affect the use of both spouses’ estate tax exemption.



  • Often simpler and less expensive than setting up a living trust.
  • No need to transfer any property to create a will or make it valid.


  • Requires probate to implement your will, which can be both costly and slow.
  • Becomes a matter of public record through probate.
  • Actual distribution of your property is usually controlled by the probate lawyers, working with the executor of your will. This can be both expensive and unpleasant.
  • Does not provide for transfer or management of your assets or property if you should become physically or mentally incapacitated.

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